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Children of Alcoholics: Growing Up with an Alcoholic Parent

AUD is a mental health condition that can prove very difficult to manage and overcome. Family attention is often overfocused on the addicted individual’s behaviors and http://spoemte.ru/songs/551145600.html under-focused on other family members’ needs. The children’s developmental needs fall by the wayside as they assume responsibilities for under-functioning adults. This test is further proof of the correlation between alcohol and genetics. There is no single alcoholic…

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15 Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms and Dads

All of those hours spent on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can finally be put to good use. Social media has become a vital component of advertising and PR for companies in many different industries. If you are a savvy social media user, you can use your skills to manage social media accounts for a business and get paid for it. Bureau of Labor, approximately 21%…

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