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How I passed the AWS Security Specialty Exam

Choosing to optimize in house means you would need to locate, hire and retain experts who can improve your architecture and ensure your cost for AWS is most valuable. Migrating your application portfolio is a critical first step to setting up your success with AWS. If you choose to handle your own migration to AWS, you are responsible for locating, hiring and retaining experts that may not contribute to your core mission once the job is done. Conversely, engaging a one-time migration specialist to handle your migration leaves your business with an unclear path moving forward as your needs evolve. Looking at the list of AWS online documentations, I found it is indeed a long list for me to prepare for this exam. However, now I look back, I find the time was well spent and I have really learned a lot more in security on AWS and I am more confident to talk about security now.

We offer private group training services for organizations looking to upskill their team members with a live-instructor. You will gain full access to the materials, which will receive
constant aws cloud engineer updates for the lifetime of the AWS Security Specialty
SCS-C02 certification . I’m so confident in the value, I offer a 14-day
unconditional money-back guarantee.

Passing AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty! How Hungry, How Foolish!

It is also beneficial to have experience provisioning and overseeing AWS conditions on a minimum of two long-term projects. At this level, there is only one certification; AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. This certification is for beginners seeking to build an understanding of the basics of the AWS cloud. It could be a good idea to set yourself some time marks, for example, 20 minutes for every 10 questions, that will give you some time at the end to review the questions you weren’t sure. During the exam you will have enough time to carefully read every question and its options. That means more than two and a half minutes for each question; however, some questions are more complex than others and, therefore, consume more time.

  • Learn which AWS Certification is right for you based on job roles you are in or aspire to attain.
  • No class will cover every facet of the exam, so I encourage you not to take a class and then immediately sit for the exam.
  • I found Zeal’s training videos well organized and although some of them were lengthy, he did a good job showing me how various services worked and how they worked together.
  • The content outline of the exam consists of 6 separate domains, each with its own weighting.

Here are the detailed steps to help you pass the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam. Complete AWS solutions, tailored to the unique needs of your SaaS business. BlackBerry UEM software is used for managing, monitoring, and securing all of an organization’s end-user devices. Don’t forget to respond all questions, even if you have absolutely no idea. You still will have a chance to have a right answer, and there aren’t any penalties if you choose the wrong option.

Details on the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam

I have a background in security with CISSP, CEH, and GIAC GWEB certifications and have worked in various aspects of security over the years from network and firewall configuration to cybersecurity policy. This certification centers around a much smaller group of AWS services, but requires a more intense degree of specialized skill. It is best suited for IT professionals who are already specialists in their field. Be aware that the general difficulty will be more similar to the expert level tests than those at the foundation level.

This certification validates the ability to deploy, manage, and operate workloads on AWS. This certification validates the ability to design and implement distributed systems on AWS. Have questions about AWS Partner https://remotemode.net/ Training and Certification for you or your team? We offer workforce development resources to create a culture of continuous learning and enable you to build competency and confidence in solving customer needs.

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